Software Testing

Software testing is a process to check whether the software product meets required standards and detects free. It executes software components by using manual or automated tools.

Software testing removes or detects bugs by testing a software product and delivers the product. If Testing is not applied before providing the product, software bugs cause a huge loss. Tested software is reliable and gives higher results.

Benefits of Software Testing

Cost-effectiveness: The delivered product without Testing might have a software bug that can create issues when running the product. Checking the product before giving will identify bugs and be solved by Testing. So, it is less cost-effective to fix.

Product Quality: The product quality is very efficient after Software testing since it removes bugs or errors in the earlier stage.

Security: If there are any bugs in the product, hackers benefit from it. So, security is the most sensitive part of the product. Users trust only secured products. Testing helps in removing bugs before the product delivers.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is the aim of the product. Software Testing ensures customers by giving them a quality product.

Types of Software Testing

Manual Testing:
In Manual Testing, the test cases are executed by the tester without using any automated tools. Manual Testing ensures whether the application is running as per the given document.

It is used to find both hidden and visible defects of the product. If there is any defect, the developer resolves the issue and sends it to retest. Manual Testing is mandatory before the automated testing tool.

Types of Manual Testing

White Box Testing:
It is a technique in which the internal structure coding is checked to verify whether the product matched with the expected result. The code is visible to the tester, so it is also called clear box testing.

Black Box Testing:
It observes the functionalities of the software without knowing the internal code or structure. Usually, the tester gives input to check the functionality of the software. If the output provides the expected result, then the software advances to the next section.

Grey Box Testing:
With partial knowledge about the internal structure, Grey Box Testing tests the software product. Grey Box Testing intends to find the content-specific errors of the web system.

Automation Testing

The process of testing software products by using automated tools is called Automation Testing. By using automated tools, it compares the actual result with the expected result. Generally, repetitive tests are tested in automation testing. Apart from this, it also helps with installing products, data setup, and defect logging.

Testing approaches

Unit Testing:
Unit testing checks every unit of the application. A unit may be modal, procedure, method, etc.

Integration Testing:
Integrating software modules and test them together is called Integration Testing. It is the extension of Unit Testing. It is divided into the Top-Down, Bottom-Up, and Sandwich approach.

System Testing:
System Testing is the test of a complete and fully integrated application. It evaluates the end-to-end specifications.

Acceptance Testing:
The client or user verifies the Acceptance Testing before entering into the production environment.

Every new software product requires proper Testing, that's why there is a demand for software testers. Along with technical skills, one should have analytical skills, passion, and good communication skills.

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